Project Analysis

The team at IIS works closely with its clients to provide technical advice. Our team’s technical and design skills assist in analysing existing projects, creating solutions and improving efficiency. We strive to maximise innovation and lead to the creation of winning solutions, ensuring projects are a success.

Illuminance Report

The illuminance report will require a site visit to erect the testing facilities in accordance with the project analysis.The testing period will be determined by the complexity and size of the project. After completion of the site visit the data is collated and evaluated.

Illuminance Consultancy

To achieve the optimum results in broadcasting it is essential that the illuminance conditions meet or exceed the camera requirements. The team at IIS have the experience and technical skills required to evaluate the illuminance requirements for complex projects.


IIS works with in house CAD facilities to fully interact with facility managers and other service providers. WYSIWYG: IIS uses WYSIWYG software where additional design facilities are required.

Latest Projects

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