Illuminance Report

In order to make well informed and important decisions about the quality of an existing or proposed illuminance system it is essential that the persons involved within the decision making process are provided with the detailed illuminance data and assessments that a IIS illuminance report provides.

An illuminance report may be produced for lighting design proposals for pending projects, illuminance test data produced by a third party or by a full IIS assessment of an existing installation to include on-site illuminance test measurements. The illuminance report will be produced in accordance with the project requirements which may be specified at the beginning of the process.

The testing period will be determined by the complexity and size of the project. After completion of the site visit the data is collated and evaluated.  Our skilled consultants combine technical expertise with vast experience to understand the complexity of the geometry created by the architecture. We consider factors such as the type of sport, venue layout, desired atmosphere, and budgetary constraints when producing the assessment of a lighting report.

The illuminance report is independent from all other interested parties, IIS is not affiliated to other parties or manufacturers.