Project Analysis

IIS understand the complexities and unique requirements involved in planning and executing projects in the dynamic world of sports. Our comprehensive project analysis services provide valuable insights and strategic guidance to ensure the success of your sporting venue endeavours.  We conduct in-depth feasibility studies to assess the requirements and viability and of your sporting venue project, after a thorough evaluation of the project, a detailed ‘method of analysis’ is written.

The method of analysis will determine:

The illuminance conditions required by the relevant sport governing bodies or federation.

The illuminance conditions required for the broadcast.

The illuminance conditions required for the sports event participants to perform at the optimal level.

The illuminance conditions required for the spectators to enjoy the event in comfort with perfect viewing conditions.

We analyse the budget and cost estimates for your project, identifying potential cost-saving opportunities and ensuring that the allocated resources align with your goals. We help you make informed decisions to optimize cost-efficiency without compromising on quality

Illuminance Maps

The illuminance maps provide a visual representation of the illuminance conditions on the given plane. The illuminance maps below provide the analysis of illuminance conditions for both before and after modifications to the illuminance system.